Baptism General Information


All ceremonies are limited to 4 families. This may include more than one baby per family unit to be Baptised. Each family unit will consist of the baby(babies) to be Baptised, parents, siblings to the baby to Baptised, God-Parents, and 8 guests only. We will need a list of those names for contact tracing purposes and for creating the safest seating arrangement. The form for providing those details is below.


As you are used to now, booking is necessary for many things in life. We are operating a booking system for Baptisms so you can select the date and church yourself, instead of being assigned a slot. You can book the slot in the links on the booking page.


Regarding making a donation on the occasion of your child’s Baptism, you can do so easily by clicking on this donate button. In the description box, please label the donation for Baptism and your child’s name. Suggested donation is €50.

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