Garda Vetting

Parish Garda Vetting Policy & Procedure from 1st January 2017 

Who is required to be vetted in your parish?

All parish clergy, staff and volunteers who carry out their work/ministry in public must be Garda vetted. This is defined as any person who carries out their work/ministry in the church, church buildings i.e. Pastoral centres, Parish halls etc. Vetting also applies to those who work/minister in the community i.e. those who visit homes, hospitals, nursing homes etc. Vetting for all the above should be renewed every three years. Further explanation of the steps of the vetting process can be read in the ‘Vetting Explained’ document attached below. The vetting invitation form is attached and can be printed off, section 1 & 2 filled in, and returned to Fr Frank to be signed by the parish and begin the processing procedure.

Vetting Explained

Parish Garda Vetting Form

Parent:Guardian Consent Form

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