If you are interested in celebrating the Baptism of your child in the parish in 2022, please leave your contact details with the Parish Office on 01-4515570.



As part of the initiation of your child into the sacrament of Baptism we follow the three stages, namely: Information Meeting, Preparation Gathering and Welcome Ceremony.

These stages are in place to enable you to celebrate the Baptism of your child into the Catholic faith and to understand your duties and responsibilities to instruct and guide them as the grow both physically and spiritually as faithful members of Christ’s church.

The Baptism initiation process begins with the following steps.

Step 1 is:

If you wish to have your child baptised please contact the Parish Office on 01-4515570.

You will be asked to provide basic details and your choice of date for the Baptism of your child. This date is provisional until it is confirmed by the Parish Office. At Step 2 you will be asked to provide further details.

Step 2 is:

The preparation for Baptism of your child will be done by meeting in person with Fr Frank, who will provide you with an overview of the Baptismal rite and what it means for you and your child, as well as the necessary materials to support your preparation. It is the responsibility of parents to follow the required preparation.

The following link provides Practical Baptismal Information for the day of your child’s Baptismal ceremony.

A word about Godparents:

One Sponsor (Godparent), male or female, is sufficient; but there may be no more than two (one male and one female).

Sponsors should be over sixteen years of age, be a Catholic who has been confirmed and should have a positive interest in, commitment to, and practice the Catholic Faith.

A Sponsor who is married must be married in accord with the laws of the Catholic Church.

Loving God,

Strengthen our child with the grace of Christ.

Watch over our child at every step of life’s journey.

**For any adult seeking Baptism, please read our RCIA section of the website or contact the parish office**

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