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Eucharistic Adoration is a tradition in the Catholic Church where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in a monstrance and is adored by the faithful. It is a sign of devotion and worship to Jesus Christ. It offers those who come to adore a time of prayer, meditation and reflection, deepening faith and their union with Christ. You can come into the church for a few minutes as you pass, or you can sign up to spend a longer period of time in the church (1/2 or 1 hour).
We will announce in the Parish Notices and Latest News when Adoration will commence.

Altar Society

The Altar Society in both St Kevin’s & St Kilian’s look after liturgical space in the churches. They are responsible for making sure the colours in the church are correct for the season and time of year, they change the altar cloths and any backdrops accordingly. They arrange the flowers in the church and maintain them weekly as is needed. The members of the altar society arrange various displays in the church from Easter gardens to the crib at Christmas.

To find out more information or to sign up to lend your time and talent, please contact the Parish Office.

Baptism Team

The Baptism Team are a group of people who meet parishioners at an exciting time, as they welcome new babies into families and the church family. Being a member of the team, you represent the faith community to which the babies are baptised into. The role of Baptism Team Member is to liaise with family, help at the Preparation Meeting and at the completion of the Rite of Baptism. Team members work in pairs and there is a rota where you will be scheduled for 3 or 4 months in the year. You can find more information by visiting our Baptism page.

Bethany Bereavement

Bethany Bereavement is a parish based group to support the bereaved through the grieving process. The services are totally free of charge, confidential and all leaders have been fully trained to support those bereaved through the grieving process. The name ‘Bethany Bereavement Support Group’ is derived from the story of Jesus’ friends Martha & Mary who lived in a village called Bethany and grieved over the death of their brother Lazarus. The group meets monthly in Kingswood Community Center and there are posters in each church with the dates of the monthly meeting.

To find out more information, posters are available in both church porches.


The cleaners play an important role in keeping our churches in tip-top shape. They meet on a weekly basis for an hour or so, and usually finish off the morning with a cup of tea and a chat! The cleaners meet in St Kevin’s Tuesday morning after the 10am Mass and in St Kilian’s on Friday morning after the 10am Mass.

To find out more information or to sign up to lend your time and talent, please contact the Parish Office.


The collectors are another group of dedicated people in the parish who go out weekly or fortnightly collecting the envelopes which provides the main source of income for the parish. The commitment involved is to call to a designated number of homes around your area on a weekly or fortnightly basis to collect the envelopes and then drop the envelopes down to the office. Collectors are needed for all areas in the parish.

For more information please contact the Parish Office.

Family Mass

Families are welcome at all masses in our Parish.

For details on Mass Times please click here.


The finance committee keep track of everything in the parish. From doing the count from the Masses and the envelope collection, to monitoring income and expenditure and complying with the Charities Act, the members of the finance committee are a busy bunch. They meet regularly and prepare financial reports and statements, working with the parish administrator.

To find out more information or to sign up to lend your time and talent, please contact the Parish Office.

Funeral Team

Over the coming months, the newly formed Funeral Team will begin to take small steps in their ministry of shadowing the priest, visiting the home of the bereaved, leading the prayers in the home, as well as leading the prayers at the graveside or crematorium.

We ask you to pray for the members of the Funeral Team as they start this new ministry in the parish.

Lay-Led Liturgy

The Lay-Led Liturgy group provide an important service as our church moves forward. The group lead a liturgy service on Monday mornings at 10am in St Kevin’s, which include the scripture readings for the day, music, intercessions and reflections. Those who attend receive greatly from it. Do stop by to experience a morning time of prayer.

Ministers of the Word

A Minister of the Word is usually a lay person who proclaims the word of God at Mass. A Minister of the Word typically reads the first reading, the psalm, the second reading and the intercessions/prayers of the faithful. For anyone interested in becoming a reader at daily or weekend Masses, there is a short period of preparation to help you in the ministry. There is a rota where most people are scheduled to read at Mass once a month.

To find out more information or to sign up to lend your time and talent, please contact the Parish Office.

Ministers of the Eucharist

Similar to Ministers of the Word, Minister of the Eucharist are lay members of the parish who have been trained and prepared to minister. Ministers distribute the Eucharist at Mass, along with priest or deacon, and can bring the Eucharist to those who are sick or housebound. There is a rota where most people are scheduled to read at Mass once a month.

To find out more information or to sign up to lend your time and talent, please contact the Parish Office.

Music Ministry

Music is one of the key elements of a Mass, along with ministry and message. We’re very fortunate to have talented people in the parish who add so much to our liturgies with music.

Saturday nights in St. Kilian’s, the Folk Group provide the music for the liturgy, as well as providing music at major liturgy times such as Christmas, Holy Week and Easter. In St Kevin’s, we’re very lucky to have a vocalist with guitar who adds greatly to our Masses.

We’re always in the look-out for more music for both churches, whether that is singing or playing a musical instrument. If you would like to get involved please contact the Parish Office. 


A sacristan is the person in charge of the sacristy and its contents. The sacristy contains all the books, vestments, candles, oils etc. for the Masses. Sacristan is responsible for setting the altar and making sure all the items necessary for a particular Mass is out. This would change depending on if it was a weekday, weekend, funeral or Easter Mass. We have a number of sacristans in both churches who rotate between weekday and weekend Mass, but we could always do with more hands.

To find out more information or to sign up to lend your time and talent, please contact the Parish Office.

Society of St Vincent de Paul

The Society of St Vincent de Paul is a well-known organisation that are known for their tremendous work daily in parishes throughout the world. There are two conferences in the parish – based in Kilnamanagh and Castleview – both were established before the parishes were amalgamated. Each hold a monthly church gate collection in their respective churches. If you are in need of financial assistance St. Vincent de Paul can be contacted by calling 018848200 or by visting

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