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****Important Notice****

Due to government regulations and the re-introduction of Level 5 restrictions, the last public Liturgies will be celebrated on Christmas Day. Our churches are closed to public Liturgies from December 26th until further notice. From December 26th, all liturgies will be streamed online from St Kevin’s and follow the usual schedule.

With the numbers of Covid-19 cases rising beyond what we could imagine over the last week, safety is our priority. We ask that if you are in need of anything, please phone us. Your call will be answered by one of us here in the parish and we can help you from there.

Please follow the advice of the HSE and stay at home, limit contacts, wash your hands, and if you have to go out, go by yourself where possible and wear a mask. It’s tiresome at this stage, but we’re getting through it and we continue to act to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.


Pope Francis appoints new Archbishop to Dublin

On Tuesday 29th December, Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin upon reaching the age of 75. The current Bishop of Ossary, Bishop Dermot Farrell, has been appointed as the new Archbishop of Dublin. The current date for his instillation is February 2nd, but this is all down to government restrictions at that time.

You can read more about the announcement here: Pope Francis appoints Dermot Farrell as Archbishop of Dublin


Mass as usual at this time on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Then our Christmas Schedule continues Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The Schedule is well publicized. Booking is necessary.

The Booking System seems to be working well.

Some of the Liturgies are booked out.

Booking is Online via the Parish Website or, if you do not have access to the Internet, by phone at the Parish Office.

Booking closes Wednesday 23rd December at 12 noon.

The Irish Bishops suggest that the Faithful who do decide to venture out, consider attending Mass at some point during the 12 Days of Christmas, i.e., from Christmas Eve to Epiphany on 6th January, rather than on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

The Bishops also make the suggestion that families or “household bubbles” might pay a visit to the church at some time during the twelve days to offer a Christmas prayer at the crib and pray together for their families and for those particularly impacted by the Pandemic. To that end we plan to have our churches open after Mass from Monday 28th December to Wednesday 6th January until 12 noon, assuming churches can be open at that point.

This is all conditional too on there being an adequate number of Volunteer Stewards and Cleaners signed up.

Irish Bishop’s Message on Advent & Christmas

You can access the link to the statement here: Bishop’s Statement