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BUILDING HOPE – 12/5/2022


The parish Building Hope Gathering will take place on Wednesday 8th June.

Details to follow.

MASS TIMES 21ST/22ND MAY – 1/5/2022

Please note the change in Mass times for the weekend of May 21st/22nd due to the 40th Anniversary celebrations in St Kilian’s.

We encourage as many parishioners as possible to join in with the celebrations.


Please click HERE to access the latest edition of the Safeguarding Office newsletter.

JOHN RUTTER – 11/4/2022

Take a few minutes of your day today to listen to this wonderful new piece by John Rutter, his musical response to the horrors of what is currently happening in Ukraine. You’ll be hearing this piece throughout the week in both churches before each liturgy.




We are now moving to the next phase of the Synod journey where we gather the responses to the questions we have been reflecting on over the last few weeks.

If you can’t join us for the in-person answer giving, you can always submit them online here: Synod



Our Lenten eNewsletter is now available. Those who are signed up as registered parishioners would have received a copy via email. To get your copy directly, fill in the Parish Register Form.

To read the Lent eNewsletter, or passed editions of our eNewsletter, click HERE.

ASH WEDNESDAY – 28/2/2022

A reminder that Mass for Ash Wednesday will be in St Kevin’s Church this Wednesday at 10 am. Ashes will be available throughout the day in both St Kevin’s and St Kilian’s church, along with a prayer card for you to use.

You can join the Mass online via the Webcam


Pope Francis has called everyone to take Ash Wednesday as a time to pray for Peace for the situation in Ukraine. After the events of last night, this is needed more than ever. Take some time on Wednesday to make a special intention for the situation in Ukraine.

Prayer Resources against Human Trafficking and the Feast of St Josephine Bakhita – 7/2/2022


With Pandemic Fatigue kicking in, take the times of engaging with Protective Health Measures and turn them into moments of prayer…


Click the image to read up on, and access the necessary links by clicking each box, to make your New Year’s Resolution!

EPIPHANY – 3/1/2022


Please take note of the schedule from Christmas to New Years. There will be no weekday Masses and the church will be open for Private Prayer during certain times.

CHRISTMAS SCHEDULE 2021 – 8/12/2021

The Christmas Schedule and Practical information is now published for Christmas 2021.


Registration is now open for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist for the First Time and for Confirmation. Registration can be done at the following link: Registration 2022

Registration closes on Friday 10th December at 5pm.

SYNOD PRAYER – 27/11/2021

TREE OF LIFE – 14/11/2021



Click the image below to access Archbishop Dermot Farrell’s message for the start of the COP26 gathering in Glasgow that began at the weekend.

COP26 – 31/10/2021

As the Climate Conference COP26 kicks off in Glasgow over this weekend and runs for the next 2 weeks, take a few minutes to look at the latest video from Climate Activist, Greta Thunberg.

MASSES FOR NOVEMBER 1st & 2nd – 30/10/2021


Congratulations to the children, their families and all the staff of the parish schools (St Kevin’s Boys, St Kevin’s Girls, St Kilian’s Junior, St Kilian’s Senior and ABACAS Special School) on the celebration of the Sacraments over the month of October. Our thanks to the Altar Society members for their preparation of both churches, those that acted and stewards and those that sanitised the churches after. We hope that all enjoyed the celebrations.


“ religious services and weddings can proceed without capacity limits but with all other protective measures remaining in place”.

The update from Government provides the following commentary: 

This is a very positive measure, however it is imperative that all other Covid-19 protective measures remain in place in order to protect all members of our communities/congregations.  

Protective mesaures include:

  • Premises should be well ventilated
  • Hand sanitiser should be provided
  • Places of Worship should continue to use separate entry and exit routes
  • Face masks should be worn
  • Congregations should be encouraged to spread out i.e. social distance between different households
  • Those experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms should not attend

As the capacity of Places of Worship and numbers attending varies greatly, the onus will be on each Place of Worship and community to consider what they are comfortable with and what best suits their congregation. 

This will be particularly relevant for funerals/special ceremonies, with large congregations in attendance.

Attendees on these occasions should not be permitted to stand in the aisles or doorways and hand-shaking and the use of condolence books/sharing of Booklets etc should continue to be avoided.

WORLD MISSION DAY – 17/10/2021

Next Sunday is Word Mission Day, the Holy Father’s annual appeal to support overseas mission and missionaries. Due to the Pandemic there are less offerings in the basket across the board. The World Mission Sunday collection replaces the usual Share Collection next weekend. You can see various options on how to make a donation to the work of the Missions by visiting the website:

SYNODAL PATHWAY – 13/10/2021

The Synodal Pathway announced by Pope Francis for the whole Catholic world will be launched in each diocese on this Sunday 17th October. In Dublin the launch will take place in the Pro-Cathedral at a Prayer Service at 3pm. There is a dedicated Website for the Synod:


This Sunday the Society of St Vincent de Paul resume their church collections. All the money contributed stays within the parish to help those most in need in our locality. The SVP have continued to help as many people as they can throughout the pandemic, with little to no resources. While they are aware so many have been hit financially, if you do have anything to spare, you can contribute it to the collection after Mass or drop a donation in an envelope to the parish post-box at St Kevin’s. A sincere thanks in advance for your support and thanks to the SVP members who work with great respect to treat everyone with the dignity they deserve. 


After a very long year and half battle to get an internet upgrade, we are finally getting our install on Friday. We are changing companies and the line is being brought into the parish from a different direction. The install will take a number of hours on Friday and will mean that we are offline, both via email and phone. If you need to get in touch with us, you can ring the parish mobile on 087-0928731 as that will be answered throughout. There may be some disruptions to the parish webcam for a day or 2 as we get everything changed over, but like previous times, we have a backup in place. 

We appreciate your patience both throughout the internet ordeal and with the changeover, but hopefully this is the last message we will write for a while saying we’re having internet trouble!


Today is Safeguarding Sunday in the Archdiocese of Dublin. It is the day where we highlight just how much safeguarding all is a vital part of our day-to-day life in the parish. We have learned from the past and use it create and uphold the highest safeguarding standards. Today is the day where we promote and remind everyone involved in the church that safeguarding is a standard practice for us all. 

Safeguarding includes children, but it also includes everyone who we meet in our daily interactions. This past year & a half, we’ve safeguarded all in a different way throughout Covid, especially in our vulnerable days during the times, and our theme for this year celebrates this important point. 

If you ever have any concerns, the Safeguarding contact details are available in both churches, on the designated safeguarding section on our parish website, or directly from the safeguarding office

TAP & GO! – 19/9/2021

We are not at liberty to pass baskets for collections so we have to find other ways of making it possible for people to contribute to the collections. Parish income is now less than half what it was before the Pandemic, 47%. This is nobody’s fault, but it is unsustainable. The diocese suggests that every church would have the tap-and-go method of donation. We are going to introduce this in St Kevin’s straight away and in St Kilian’s when it becomes possible. There is no Internet connection at St Kilian’s. The tap-and-go device is located in the main porch at St Kevin’s. As you enter you can make your contribution to the 2 collections that were taken up at Mass. You choose the amount you want to give and that figure will be split automatically between the 2 collections. The device will be there all the time, so you can contribute at any time. The weekly or monthly Envelope Collection will remain as is.


A reminder that both St Kevin’s and St Kilian’s is open for Private Prayer each day until 4:30pm. When you stop by, please remember to sanitise you hands, wear a face-covering, sanitise the space you used and follow the one-way system.


The Season of Creation begins on September 1st and concludes with the Feast of St Francis of Assisi on October 4th. You can access all our Season of Creation resources by clicking here.

To mark the Season of Creation, Archbishop Farrell has released a pastoral letter on the climate and that can be read here.

Click on the image below for the Prayer card for use at Blessing the Graves of your Loved Ones:




A recent note from Archbishop’s House reminds us of the situation regarding Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation at this time. It states that, “In the light of the most recent government health advice – operative for months of May and June, the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism should only take place in exceptional circumstances (danger of death). The ordinary celebration of the Sacrament, as well as the other Sacraments of Initiation (Communion and Confirmation), should not be organised until further notice.”



We look forward to welcoming you all back to Mass from Monday 10th May. All details you will find useful for the re-opening are below.


Open Letter from Dr Tony Holohan – 2/5/201

Chief Medical Office, Dr Tony Holohan has released an open letter to the people of Ireland in preparation for the easing of restrictions on May 10th. You can read the letter by clicking below:

Open Letter from Dr Tony Holohan


Rosary for the Month of May

Pope Francis has encouraged daily recitation of the Rosary during the month of May in light of the global risks posed by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Insofar as is practicable, we will pray the Rosary on the Parish Webcam each day of May at 12 noon, from Tuesday. Please join us if you can.


Restrictions Update – 30/4/2021

Government announcements on the latest easing of restrictions, including the resumption of public Mass, can be accessed here:

Archbishop Farrell has released a letter to parishes following the government announcements in relation to the celebration of Sacraments:


Letter from Archbishop Dermot Farrell regarding the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion for the First Time, and Confirmation – 23/4/2021


Notice for Online Services and Private Prayer – 10/4/2021


Prayer of Pope Francis for the Year of St Joseph


A Note from the Local SVP Conference – 18/3/2021

The local conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul would like to express their thanks to everyone who are continually donating to the conference. Whether it’s directly to them, or via the parish, the money is coming in and going out to help those most in need in the area. We know that things are difficult for everyone, so the donations and support are hugely appreciated.

We, as a parish, would like to say our thanks to all who donate and to the members of the SVP for continued work throughout the parish over the last year. The support and respect of the SVP volunteers goes above and beyond, and is always done quietly in the background. Sincerest thanks to you all!


Announcement from the Irish Bishops of a National Synod – 14/3/2021

The Bishops of Ireland announced during the week that they have decided to embark on a synodal pathway for the Catholic Church in Ireland leading to the holding of a National Synodal Assembly within the next 5 years. The next 2 years will be a time of prayer, listening and discernment, involving a nationwide consultative conversation. The word Synod means ‘walking together on the way’. Synodality is about the whole People of God helping each other listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church. It is about finding the best ways for every baptised person to fulfill the Church’s mission of proclaiming to the world God’s love and salvation in Jesus Christ. I greet this announcement as good news, something I have been waiting for for a long time. Pray God’s blessing on this important decision and on all it will lead to.

Read the full statement here: Statement from the Irish Bishops


Notice from Archbishop Dermot Farrell regarding Sacraments and Liturgies 7/3/2021

  • The Sacrament of Baptism can only be celebrated in case of emergency, i.e., in danger of death.
  • Arrangements for the celebration of First Holy Communion and Confirmation should not be made until Government, HSE and Diocesan Guidelines indicate that it is safe to do so.
  • Under current restrictions all religious services continue to take place Online only.
  • Churches may open for private prayer only.

Devotions such as Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Rosary, Stations of the Cross, can take place in closed churches Online only.

All these measures are in place for the common good and to help solidarity between parishes so that together we can overcome the threat of Coronavirus in the community.



As schools reopen on March 1st, take some time to read the open letter from Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn to Parents and Guardians. 28/2/2021

In it he states:

The most significant concern is that re-opening of schools will be taken as a signal by parents and wider society that other forms of household mixing, and mobility are now acceptable.

We cannot afford for this to happen at this time. Despite the progress we have made, COVID-19 is still circulating at high levels in our communities. We must do all we can individually and collectively to ensure that the reopening of schools results in the minimum possible upward pressure on the reproduction number.

Please avoid congregating at school gates over the coming weeks. Please do not have play dates or organise after school activities which involve household mixing. And please continue to work from home unless essential. It is only through your continued buy-in to these measures that we can ensure that our children will get back to school and then stay back in school.

Read the full letter here:

Open Letter Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn to Parents and Guardians.


Bilateral Meeting between Taoiseach and Catholic Church leaders – Published Friday 19th February 2021.

The Taoiseach, yesterday, met with representatives of the Catholic Church – Archbishop Eamon Martin, Archbishop Dermot Farrell, Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly and Archbishop Michael Neary – to discuss the current level of Covid-19 restrictions and the Church’s desire to return to worship, in particular during the season of Lent and with the approach of Holy Week and Easter.

The Archbishops requested the meeting as part of ongoing constructive dialogue regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions on public worship.

Recognising the huge challenges which the pandemic poses, the Archbishops emphasised that they wish to continue supporting the public health message and to encourage all necessary measures, including vaccination, to protect health and well-being, especially that of the most vulnerable.

They shared their concern that life at present is particularly stressful and difficult for people to endure, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Recognising the spiritual comfort and hope that participation in public worship brings, the Archbishops asked that public worship resume when an easing of restrictions is considered.  They expressed a strong desire that people might gather safely this year for the important ceremonies of Holy Week and Easter.  They also requested consideration of an increase in the number of the bereaved who may attend funeral Masses.

The Taoiseach thanked the Archbishops for their support and acknowledged the importance of the Church community in people’s lives at this time of stress and worry. He outlined the ongoing concerns regarding the spread of the virus, particularly the new variants, stressing that any increase at all in mobility can have serious consequences for public health and put pressure on the health service.

In concluding, he said the concerns raised at the meeting would be given consideration. It was agreed to maintain dialogue as the situation evolves. 


Prayer for the Candle of Atonement for Day of Prayer for Survivors and Victims of Sexual Abuse Friday 19 February 2021


Archbishop Dermot shares a message with families preparing for the Sacraments this year:


Schedule for Lent




On Tuesday 2nd February, Archbishop Dermot Farrell was installed as Archbishop of Dublin the Pro-Cathedral. You can read his homily by clicking: Homily of Archbishop Farrell – Instillation Pr-Cathedral

On Sunday 7th February, Archbishop Dermot Farrell celebrated Mass in the Church of the Holy Spirit, Ballymun. You can read his homily by clicking: Homily of Archbishop Farrell – Ballymun


****Important Notice****

Due to government regulations and the re-introduction of Level 5 restrictions, the last public Liturgies will be celebrated on Christmas Day. Our churches are closed to public Liturgies from December 26th until further notice. From December 26th, all liturgies will be streamed online from St Kevin’s and follow the usual schedule.

With the numbers of Covid-19 cases rising beyond what we could imagine over the last week, safety is our priority. We ask that if you are in need of anything, please phone us. Your call will be answered by one of us here in the parish and we can help you from there.

Please follow the advice of the HSE and stay at home, limit contacts, wash your hands, and if you have to go out, go by yourself where possible and wear a mask. It’s tiresome at this stage, but we’re getting through it and we continue to act to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.


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