Family Corner

In the Family Corner, you will find a variety of resources, including music, images, prayers and conversation starters, to help you as a Family of Faith. Resources are both general faith resources, as well as resources for specific times of the year, such as Advent, Lent, Reconciliation, Confirmation etc. If you have anything of interest and we don’t already have it on the website, please share it with us.



While the government has allowed churches to reopen under the modified Level 3, this is a Special Concession. It is for the sole purpose of being able to celebrate Christmas. Only Mass is permitted, therefore anything else, such as Baptisms, cannot take place. Archbishop Martin has reiterated this point. The current situation will be under review in January and once we have clearance to remain open, dates for Baptism will be published then.


Latest Baptism News, Preparation Steps and Resources can be found here: Baptism



The designated page of resources for those preparing for Reconciliation and Communion can be found here: Communion 2021



The designated page of resources for those preparing for Confirmation can be found here: Confirmation 2021


Supporting Family Faith

Below are a limited number of resources to help support faith in your home.

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