Communion 2020


Resource to Help Prepare

Video of the Last Supper starts at 9:51

Mass Responses starts at 13:21

Fr Michael showing how to receive Communion starts at 14:40


All prayers needed for the day is contained in the video and can be practice out loud along with the video. A copy of the prayers can be found here: Prayers for Communion

Contact Tracing

Please fill in the attached form for the purpose of Contact Tracing. In the form, you also have the option to go ahead with the planned scheduled dates. We would also like you to note that for those who wish, the option is there of presenting your child for First Communion at a scheduled Parish Mass. The Mass would be of the day, not a special First Communion Mass. Both parents could attend. Government restrictions on overall numbers etc would apply. Depending on the number of families choosing this option, it would take place over many weeks with 3 families at each Mass. To facilitate you choosing your option, we ask you to please fill in the edited version of the Contact Tracing Form below for the date as planned, or for the option. After the present First Communions, we will set out a booking schedule for later in the year.

Contact Tracing Form

Art Work of the Last Supper

To make sure all children are involved in the Mass we are inviting the children to create a piece of artwork of the Last Supper. They can use the colouring page below or make a Last Supper creation of their own design. Please bring the artwork with you on Communion day as it will be part of the Ceremony. Artwork will be displayed in the church for some time after Communion. The Gospel for the day is the Last Supper and Fr Michael has something special on the Last Supper to show the children.

My First Holy Communion

Parish of Kilnamanagh and Castleview 7/8/20

Dear Parents & Guardians of Children preparing for the Sacrament of Holy Communion

for the First Time 2020:

Towards the end of June 2020 we gave you the dates for First Holy Communion for this year in the light of Covid-19.

At that time we had hoped that the restrictions on indoor gatherings would have increased by now from 50 to maybe 100, allowing both parents or guardians to attend the ceremony in the church. But as you know, the number has not changed.

This means that for First Holy Communion this August 2020, each child can be accompanied, in the church, by only one parent or guardian.

We in the Parish appreciate very much the difficulty all of this presents to families. The celebration of the Sacraments is very much a family occasion. Everything the Church is about involves bringing people together. However, at this time, we are being urged to be cautious by the health authorities. This is not what any of us want. But we in the Parish do want to make the experience of First Holy Communion for your child the best possible it can be at this time; and I believe we will do so.

At the moment the Government is informing us, the people of Ireland, that the number of cases of Covid-19 is rising each day, putting our country in a very delicate position in terms of Covid-19.

This is why the phased raising of restrictions has been paused for the moment.

In consequence of this present state of affairs, the maximum number we can have in either of our 2 churches remains at 50. Having no more than 50 on the premises is a condition of opening our churches. We have to comply with the regulations in order to make gathering in our churches safe for everybody. We also need to remember that making things safe for everybody includes having a Team of volunteer Stewards and Cleaners available for every time the church is used. I’m very grateful to all those who have signed up as Volunteers. We cannot open our churches without these Volunteer Stewards and Cleaners.

We have an outside speaker at each church, and immediate family are welcome to come to the church car park for the ceremony. The car park will be marked with yellow dots for social distancing.

People can also follow the ceremony on the Parish Webcam from anywhere in the world.

These are strange times, and none of us has witnessed anything quite like it before. The really difficult part is dealing with the uncertainty caused by this silent, invisible and deadly virus.

Jesus, who comes to us in a very special way in Holy Communion so that he lives or abides is us, says to his disciples of all times:

“In the world you will endure suffering. But take courage! I have overcome the world.” (Jn 16:33).

Looking forward to our 7 First Holy Communion Days this August 2020. Stay safe.

Fr Michael Murphy.

First Communion Dates

Monday          17th     Ms Magee’s Class                   St Kilian’s       1 pm

Tuesday         18th     Ms Carr’s Class                       St Kilian’s       1 pm

Wednesday    19th     Ms Lehane’s Class                 St Kilian’s       1 pm

Monday          24th     Ms Quinn’s Class                   St Kevin’s       1 pm

Tuesday         25th     Ms Grehan’s Class                  St Kevin’s       1 pm

Wednesday    26th     Ms McDonnell’s Class          St Kevin’s       1 pm

Thursday       27th     Ms Forde’s Class                    St Kevin’s       1 pm

Information for the Ceremonies:

  • All ceremonies will start at 1pm sharp – please be in the church a minimum of 10 minutes before.
  • Streaming facilities are available for all ceremonies and you can find the link here: Parish Webcam.
  • We also have outside speakers at the church. The immediate family of Communion Children are welcome to attend at the designated place they will be shown in the church car park, weather permitting. Some chairs will be provided.
  • The maximum number permitted on the premises is 50 in each church (this includes Fr Michael and stewards).
  • No photographs allowed during the ceremony.
  • Toilet facilities are currently not in use.
  • Before you leave home for the Ceremony, wah your hands and bring with you hand sanitiser and tissues.
  • The HSE advice is to use face coverings in enclosed spaces such as the church – this applies to anyone over the age of 13.
  • The church car park will be closed to cars.
  • Social distancing of 2 metres will have to be respected at all times.
  • In order to maintain a safe environment for everyone concerned, please disperse promptly and safely immediately after the Ceremony.
  • The church building is open for use on condition that the restrictions imposed by government are respected and implemented.