St Kevin’s 40th Celebrations

As the date draws closers, please find below the posters for the various days of events happening over the weekend. Please note that the bus for Glendalough is full.

Dear Parishioners,

St Kevin’s church, Kilnamanagh, was blessed and opened 40 years ago this year. We will mark this milestone in the history of the Parish with celebrations over the weekend of 3rd June 2018, by date the Feast day of St Kevin.

Below you will find an outline of what is proposed for that weekend. Parishioners are invited to comment and make suggestions and offer ideas on how best to fill in the detail of the events outlined. You can do so by typing in the link below with the box for each day.

For the Festival of the Parish Family on Saturday 2nd June, all Ministry Groups, volunteers and individuals, who have laboured selflessly to build up the Parish over the past 40 years, are invited to create a display and take a station in the church. People who come along on the day can then see what each does and engage with questions and discussion.

Priests who served in the Parish over the years are invited to come at 3 pm and participate in the concluding Prayer moment. They are also invited to con-celebrate the special Mass of Thanksgiving on Sunday 3rd June at 11 am.

Please note that this will be the only Mass in the Parish on that Sunday.

Children who grew up in the Parish and who may now be married and living elsewhere might like to know of these celebrations. Parents and others are asked to pass the word to them and encourage them to come along on the day. The occasion will provide a unique opportunity to recall and reminisce on all that has happened over the years.

The occasion will also provide an opportunity for families to come together and share treasured memories of Baptism, first day at school, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, etc.

If you have any memorabilia that can be shared that will stir memories of the past 40 years in the Parish, such as photographs, posters, brochures, and other objects, please make them available for display on the Saturday.

This is a celebration to make the most of, to look forward to, and enjoy. Together we can help make the 40th Anniversary celebrations a true Festival of the Parish Family.

With kindest regards.

Fr Michael Murphy.

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