Funeral Liturgies During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Funeral Liturgies During Covid-19

We are in a very extreme situation with regards to Covid-19, and extreme measures apply. We are obliged to follow Government Guidelines in order to stay safe. Even though our 2 churches are closed for daily and Sunday Mass, Funeral Masses and Services are still possible, provided Government Guidelines are strictly followed.

  • Funerals may proceed, but will take place only in St Kevin’s. This is because safety measures are easier to achieve in St Kevin’s, and we have the Webcam there.
  • Attendance is restricted to a maximum number of 10 (Government has indicated that this would be 10 immediate family members).
  • The limited congregation should observe the safe physical distancing of 2 metres.
  • Normal participation through presenting memorabilia, having readers, a eulogy, or Holy Communion, is no longer possible.
  • Those cocooning and those with underlying health conditions should not attend.
  • Those displaying cold or flu symptoms should not attend.
  • In the case of death from Covid-19, specific arrangements will apply as communicated by the Health Authority via Funeral Directors.
  • Arrangements regarding the Funeral have to be made over the phone and by email.

These restrictions are difficult to bear in the context of grief, but they are in place to make it safe for everyone and to promote the common good.

Included on the Parish Website are Prayer Services for use by family and friends at home during this crisis, when a priest or Funeral Minister cannot attend. In the event, Fr Michael will talk you through how to use these Prayers.

There is a Webcam in St Kevin’s. That means that family and friends can view the funeral via the Internet.

Keep in mind that priests too are bound by the norms of safety. So, priests over the age of 70 are cocooning, and therefore not available for public ministry. Those under the age of 70 are obliged to exercise due precaution for their own welfare, health and safety.

Complete Booklet of Prayers

1 Prayers After Death

2 Gathering in the Presence of the Body

3 Vigil for the Deceased

4 Transfer of the Body to the Church

7 Rite of Committal

8 Rite of Committal at a Crematorium

Funeral Mass Readings




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