Communion Practicalities

Practicalities for the Sacraments

– All ceremonies begin at 1 pm. If you could be in the church no later than 12:50 pm to allow for getting to seats and getting settled. 

– On the day of Communion, each child will have 5 people with them. This could be a mix of people that works best for your family, and your unit of 6 (child and 5 others) will have their own designated seat in the church. 

–  We will have limited copies of the booklet available on the day, but if you could bring your own, that would be great. 

– If you need an alternate date for Communion, if you have twins or if someone in family tests positive for Covid-19, please contact us via email ( and she will work out a new plan with your family.

– The Practicalities button on the website will be constantly updated, so if you have any questions, check their first, and if the answer isn’t there, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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