Confirmation 2021

Schedule of Confirmation Dates

Monday 25th October Ms Hennessey’s Class at 12:30pm – St Kevin’s Church

Tuesday 26th October Mr Riddell’s Class at 12:30pm – St Kevin’s Church

Wednesday 27th October Ms Kenny’s Class at 12:30pm – St Kevin’s Church

Thursday 28th October Ms Reilly’s at 12:30pm – St Kilian’s Church

Friday 29th October Mr Lalor’s at 12:30pm – St Kilian’s Church

Please click the images below to access the Confirmation Booklet and the link for filling in the Parish Register Details:

Notes for the Confirmation Ceremony:

  • We do not know what the announcement of 22nd October by Government will be regarding removal of further statutory Restrictions, or when it will come into effect. What we do know is that present Government advice is that religious services and ceremonies are subject to appropriate protective measures being in place. Even as Restrictions are eased, the advice of the Chief Medical Officer is that we continue to practise the measures that are proven to help prevent the spread of the disease Covid-19, such as, hand sanitising, face masks, social distancing, ventilation, avoiding crowds, etc. Our Parish arrangements for the celebration of the Sacraments respect this advice so as to make our 2 churches as safe as possible for everybody. On that account, our numbers for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation are limited to Candidate and 2 others, one of whom – for this extraordinary occasion – could be the Sponsor or act as proxy for the Sponsor.

  • Since there is no opportunity for rehearsal in the church, preparation must be done at home. You can prepare as a family by going through the booklet and practicing the responses.

  • As part of the Rite of Confirmation, candidates will be given the option of making the pledge which includes promises on alcohol, dangerous drugs and responsible use of the internet. Please have a conversation with your child between now and then to help them make a decision as to whether they wish to make this pledge. You will find the text on page 6 of the booklet.

  • Please be at the church for 12.20 pm on the day.

  • The Ceremony will begin at 12.30 pm.
  • Candidates can wear their own clothes, not school uniform.
  • Toilet facilities in the church are not in use at this time.

  • Photographs are not allowed during the Ceremony.

  • Please note that due to the special circumstances we have this year, the Rite of Confirmation will not include Mass.

We look forward to making the most of what is a very difficult situation for all involved.

We pray that the Celebration of Confirmation this strange year of 2021 will bring special blessings to the Candidates and their Families.


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