Tips on Care for our Common Home



conserve water, reduce any unnecessary uses of water e.g. leaving taps running when brushing your teeth.

water uses indoor smallWater-Conservation



Change to energy efficient lightbulbs where possible.




Turn off all lights and heating when leaving a room or when the room is not in use. If possible, wear warmer clothes instead of putting the heating on straight away.



Instead of taking the car, particularly on short journeys, walk or take public transport. Walk to school, especially if the school is nearby. Share the journey with people where possible.


Energy Providers:

Research how your gas/electricity is being provided and switch to the most energy proficient company, especially ones that use wind turbines.





Look at the insolation of your house and how energy efficient it is. Try to make changes to improve the insolation of the house.



Thanking God before and after meals, pray the parish prayer for Care of our Earth and pray that all (especially our government) will wake up to the issue of Climate Change and take immediate action.



Can you plant an extra tree in your garden or add some plants/shrubs that help the bees to pollinate? Reduce the use of chemicals in your garden.



Reduce the amount of plastic used, especially one-use only plastics and disposable items. Any plastic that needs to be bought, make sure it has the recycle symbol on the container/bottle etc.


Shopping and Cooking:

Reduce plastic packaging, buy local and buy vegetables/fruit that comes loose rather than in a lot of plastic packaging. See if you can grow anything yourself at home. When cooking, make what is enough to be eaten and avoid any waste that will be thrown out.




Reduce the amount of paper used. Go paperless with bills, emails etc. where possible.


Separate Waste:

Be more conscious to separate waste into the right bins e.g. regular, recycle and compost. Don’t forget the very important 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.



Use the library more for books, CDs or rent/stream films. If you need the use of a device, see can you borrow or rent from somewhere, rather than buying one yourself, especially if you won’t be using it regularly.