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Climate Change is accelerated by each one of us and by the way we live. Our burning of Fossil Fuels is the biggest contributor to Climate Change. This, combined with our over-use of plastic, is polluting our water, our oceans, killing our animals, melting the ice-caps, and changing the weather conditions we experience (from extreme snow to drought).

Simple but conscious changes in our lifestyle can help slow down and combat climate change!

Where do you begin? Find out how your lifestyle impacts on the earth and begin to look at the steps you need to take to combat this. Take the short Footprint Calculator test at:

Footprint Calculator

The Pope’s Response: Laudato Si

In 2015, Pope Francis published a document called Laudato Si, which is on the care for our common home. We all live on earth so we should all treat it with respect and have it in good shape for future generations.


You can read Laudato Si by clicking Laudato Si Document

D965DDBE-6512-4336-AE00-043E123DC2EFIn September 2018, Dr Lorna Gold who works with Trocaire published a book called “Climate Generation: Awakening to Our Children’s Future”. This book provides a road-map for what we can do to combat and work towards action to provide a better world for future generations. It is published by Veritas and can be purchased from the store or online: Climate Generation

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For further information on helping the parish become an Eco Parish, please read this guide:

Eco-Parish Guide

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