Parish Events

As a parish, we have set up designated spaces in both churches to promote the World Meeting of Families. In these areas you can find information on the World Meeting of Families; history of the gathering; the official prayer, as well as the prayer in various languages; how to get involved and volunteer. You can also pick up a copy of the icon to take home, which includes the official prayer on the back for you and your families to pray it together. We are making all our Masses family friendly, with our dedicated Children’s Sacred Space in St Kevin’s church.


As part of our parish response to the World Meeting of Families in August 2018, we are hosting a number of opportunities for conversation and discussion on topics relevant to family life at this time. All talks will take place in St Kevin’s church at 7:30pm and are free of charge. We do hope as many of you can attend and have your voice heard on this crucial issues facing families in our parish and society today.


Tuesday May 1st – HOMELESSNESS

Michael Thompson from the Peter McVerry Trust will speak about the current crisis that is going on in our society and getting increasingly worse by the day. He will also give practical information on how you can help in the situation and how you can access help if you need it.


Tuesday May 8th – FAMILY LIFE IN 2018

Frank Brown will share his experience of trying to raise a family in Ireland in 2018. Frank is married to Deborah, they have 3 teenage children and he works as a pastoral worker for the Dublin Diocese. Frank will speak on the joys and struggles of family life that may not match up to the “Instagram perfect” life that we think we should have. Frank will also speak on the struggles of being a family of faith from both a personal and professional experience.


Tuesday May 15th – MENTAL HEALTH

In this interactive one hour workshop, Christine Donovan from JIGSAW will address the topic of mental health, with an emphasis on parents supporting their children from aged 12 to 25 years of age. With so many pressures placed on young people today throughout school and college, it can impact their mental health now and into adulthood. This workshop will educate on the signs and symptoms to look for and what to do to help those in need.


Tuesday May 22nd – FINANCIAL ISSUES

Details to of this talk will be posted here soon.












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