Preparing as a Family of Faith for… Advent!



Below are a number of suggestions that will kick-start your family to preparing for the season of Advent as a family of faith. There are a number of display items (Advent Wreath for Children and Nativity Figures) in the Family Faith Support area of the churches.

10 Ways – Advent

The Ultimate List of Christmas Countdown and Advent Activities

Start a conversation in the home about Advent using the aid below for any possible tricky question:

Conversation Page


Make your own Sacred Space for Advent using something purple and the Home Symbols Sheet



Print and colour in the Advent Wreath Colouring Page and read about the meaning of the Advent Wreath below.

Print and colour your own Nativity Scene by clicking on the Nativity Scene Template



Follow the story of the Bible that leads to the birth of Jesus with the Old Testament Images. You can also follow the story through the Jesse Tree in the church.

Why not include some Bible verses with the Bible Advent Calendar



1a80616679b710640853a6d1ac5acf87A Prayer for Lighting the Advent Wreath

Blessed are you, O Lord our God, king of the universe.

You sent your Son to be the Light of the world and to

spread his light of love to all.

As we light the candles of this wreath

May its growing brightness remind us of the approaching

nearness of your Son

So that the day of His coming may find us prepared and

filled with joy.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.



Advent Wreath Explained




Click on the following links to access various Christmas and Nativity Stories

The Nativity Story for Families

Christmas Stories for the Family



Advent Explained in 2 minutes


The Digital Nativity


Advent for Children









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